Write Action 2023 Events

Write Action Open

7:00 pm-Saturday, October 14

Epsilon Spires (Salon)

Brattleboro Literary Festival attendees are invited to read at the annual
BLF Open Reading hosted by Write Action. Anyone interested in participating should stop by the Brooks House anytime on Saturday to sign up
, or sign up at the event. Each reader will have a four-minute time slot and will read in the order of signing up.





Write Action Spotlight Readings

4:00 pm-Sunday, October 15

118 Elliot







Brattleboro’s vibrant writing community will be featured at the Write Action Spotlight Reading. The Spotlight Reading consists of ten-minute readings by local authors who have published a noteworthy book in the past year.

Brattleboro Literary Festival ’23 readers:

 Rebecca Kaiser Gibson will read from her debut novel, The Promise of a Normal Life, which has been called “riveting,” “radiant and transporting.” Kaiser Gibson has taught poetry at Tufts for 23 years and published two well-received books of poetry.

Judith Janoo, will read from her second collection, Just This, published by Kelsay Press. Her poems are cited as beautifully crafted, “tender glimpses of grief, love, and wonder” with an especial affection for her New England roots.

Christian McEwen, author of  World Enough and Time will read from In Praise of Listening, a collection of essays that focus on listening as an extended metaphor for   openness and receptivity. Published by Bauhan Press  

Barbara Benoit‘s Sun Inside Us is a posthumously published collection of intensely personal poems charting the poet’s inner journey through her life and, finally, her battle with breast cancer. Read by friend, poet Arlene Distler.

Steve Minkin will read from his first published collection of poems, Where People Are Trees, taking in his world travels. A “Truth Traveler” both geographically and spiritually, “transformation takes root in the truths he finds and speaks.”

Toni Ortner will read from Shadow and Silhouettes, a poetry collection of “haunting images, and frank portrayal of love, loss, and human frailty.” 

Wendy E. Slater‘s The Perspective of the Constellation, is a collection of
modern mystical poetry that guides the reader from cultural, familial and societal expectations into healing and liberation.